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5 Things that Make any Seminar a Success

5 Things that Make any Seminar a Success

Seminars are events wherein people gather together to elicit learning. These are held by various companies and organizations to provide valuable lessons for various purposes and intended results. Some people hold seminars to train their staff, while others aim to gain new members to their groups or strengthen networks between different contacts. Regardless of the reason, if you are tasked to organize a seminar, then you should definitely work on ways to make it a success.

But what consists of a successful seminar? Below are 5 key points:

  1. The venue.

Since seminars are held to mentor people, they should be done in environments conducive to learning. Hence, if you are scouting for a seminar room rental in Singapore, you must see to it that the rooms you check out offer the right environment for people to learn without being distracted.

Companies often prefer seminars that are closed to public viewing, unless otherwise they want to garner mass attention. Closed-door seminar rooms should be well-ventilated so that attendees are able to relax while listening to the speakers, and must also be spacious enough to accommodate a target number of participants and other equipment that will be used during the event.

  1. Audio and visual setups.

Another factor that contributes to the success of any seminar is an audio-visual setup that is perfectly functioning. This is because in seminars, speakers will be showing and talking about many topics, and they need equipment such as projectors, screens, video setups, microphones, and speakers in order to present their discussions properly.


You should make sure that the projectors are not only functioning, but are positioned at the right place in the room to project the presentations and video clips during the seminar. The microphones and speakers should also be tested so that their volume, pitch and bass settings are adjusted in accordance to the needs of the seminar.

  1. Free-flowing beverage.

Some seminars can be boring, depending on how the speakers discuss their agenda. Some on the other hand can be full of lively discussions, to the point that some participants would feel stressed due to information overload. These situations then call for an unlimited supply of water, coffee, and tea. Water is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day, while coffee and tea help participants stay awake during the seminar.

Not all seminar venues offer unlimited beverages for free; some offer them at an add-on price. If you are still looking for a seminar room rental in Singapore for your upcoming event, then you may have to look at their unlimited beverage offers as well.

  1. Food.

Seminars may run for half a day or consume the whole day, depending on the subject. If you are holding a seminar that will last for at least a half-day period, then it is imperative that you serve food to your participants. Half-day morning seminars usually include snacks and lunch; afternoon seminars on the other hand may serve afternoon snacks only since the anticipated guests are expected to have eaten their lunch prior to the event.

You may want to work with the venue’s caterer on the menu for the seminar. Snacks need not be heavy, but just enough for the guests to stay filled. Lunch meals meanwhile may be served plated or on a buffet.

  1. Collaterals.

Lastly, a successful seminar is one that provides complete collaterals. These include the posters and streamers that introduce the event, as well as the kits for the participants to use. Seminar kits include a pamphlet that discusses the seminar’s key purpose, a notebook or sheets of paper, and a pen or pencil so that attendees can jot down the ideas they have learned during the event.

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