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4 Last Minute Checks to Do Before Your Big Event

4 Last Minute Checks to Do Before Your Big Event

Organizing events is always tedious, as you have to check everything needed for the activity several times just to make sure that everything will turn out right. This is because even the biggest and well-arranged events can go wrong, and a little mistake may ruin everything else that you invested on.

If you are in charge of an event, whether it is a small meeting or a party, then you have to take note of certain details one day before the activity takes place. Doing a last-minute round on all the tasks involved in your event is essential as it not only makes your activity fool-proof; it also gives you adequate space to do damage control in case unexpected incidents happen.

The last-minute checks to do before the day of your event are:

  1. Do a sound check.

If you are using a sound system for your event, then it is a must that you test the audio settings of your speakers and amplifiers several times. The audio setup may be working properly during the first installation, but it may also exhibit glitches right before the event.

You may want to do an individual inspection on each of the speakers to be used to see whether they all produce sound properly, then you may also check on the control systems to see the possible issues that may arise during operation.

If you are looking for a function rooms in Singapore, you must know that most of these venues have audio systems included, and it is best that you coordinate with their soundman before and during the event.


  1. Inspect the electrical wirings and controls.

Another element to inspect prior to your event is the electrical setup. This is essential especially when you are holding the event outdoors, where electrical setups are more at risk to damage due to environmental exposure. An open wire that gets wet may lead to a short circuit, while a person who trips on a wire may get injured.

You have to see to it that the wirings are placed in areas that are out of reach of the guests, and that they are well covered and coated with insulators. You may also have to prepare a generator as a backup power supply, in case the main power source experiences glitches.

  1. Free-flowing beverage.

When you are hosting formal gatherings such as a corporate meeting or a conference, then you might have to set up an area for free-flowing beverage. This doesn’t have to be grand as often times guests just ask for coffee, water, and tea. An unlimited supply of these basic beverages in your event gives you the leverage, as these give your guests the reason to stay awake all throughout.

Meanwhile, if you are hosting a party, then you should keep tabs with your beverage suppliers to make sure that they can accommodate the drinking needs of your guests. These include a steady supply of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, depending on your party’s theme.

  1. Catering.

The typical in function room in Singapore offers catering services for certain events. There are also venues who allow their clients to bring in separate caterers. Working with the venue’s in-house caterer is easier to manage, as their services can be arranged beforehand, although you are provided with limited menu options.

On the other hand, if you hire a separate caterer for your event, then you have to ensure that the caterer is able to accommodate the number of guests you are expecting to arrive. It is also advised that they arrive several hours before the event, so that they are able to do the necessary setup for your activity without being short of time.

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